June 2017

Chi-Date: Chicago's Newest Dating App
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June 19th, 2017



♥ Comment here to hold a PB. Holds will last three days. One 24 hour extension will be allowed. Challenges will not be accepted. Proxy holds must be confirmed within 24 hours. ♥





♥ Put the following information into a visible post in the journal you will be using for the game, as if this is the IC profile your character would have on the Chi-Date app. Also include a picture or gif in the post that as if it would be your main profile picture.

Journal names must be IC, related to your character's name. Also include a link to an OOC contact post. Please make your OOC comment post a separate post from your profile for the app, since that profile will be what other characters see IC from you.

After applying, request membership to [info]chidate and [info]chidateooc. Posting for lines at [info]chidatelines is encouraged, but not required. Adds will be done at least twice per week. ♥




♥ Chi-Date is a fictional dating application game which takes inspiration from several previous similar games. The game's premise comes from the "newest dating app" Chi-Date, an app for residents of Chicago and surrounding areas to use to date, or even just to meet new friends. Characters in the game are users of the Chi-Date app. In addition, Chi-Date also prides itself on being a social experience in our fictional Chicago, and as such is partnered with several local businesses in The Loop district of Downtown Chicago where larger scale social activities take place periodically. More information can be found about that here. ♥

♥ Chi-Date (both the app and this game) are open and encouraging of all real word relationship types, orientations, kinks, etc. We are also open to all ratings of RP, we're sure that this game will be pretty explicit, but we also ask that anything NSFW be placed under a cut, and any potential triggers in a posted scene be clear. ♥

♥ This is an adult game, we expect you to be adults and to abide by all good faith, standard game rules. Don't be mean to each other, don't god mod, respect strikethroughs and any [Private] marked things, don't cross the IC/OOC line. If problems occur, bring them to the mods. We will not tolerate players being abused in any way. ♥

♥ All characters must be 18 or older. All characters must provide a first and last name that can be verified (fictionally, of course) because the Chi-Date ap is conscious of and sensitive to catfishing. ♥

♥ It is, however, understood that some characters may wish to be able to be partially anonymous on the app. To avoid catfishing in-game, clients will be verified with a credit card via the app, so they have to provide their real name for the app (and the cast list). On the profile itself, some fudging is allowed. You can just put the character's first name, or a name they are known by that might not be the name on their credit card.

A picture or gif is required in each application, but if your character wishes to be more anonymous on the app itself, it doesn't have to be a picture of your character's face. Icons are supposed to be considered IC, but this can be fudged by using icons that are not of your character's face for on-app usage.♥

[info]chidate is the community for those who want to post open scenes, or play out their scenes in threads. The mods are a little bit voyeuristic, and we like to read the threads other people are playing out! Scenes and interaction played out in a custom are fine with us, but will not count toward activity requirements. If you want to make a post for the whole community like a survey or a meme and don't want it to be on your own journal, they can be posted here as well. [info]chidateooc is for ooc interaction for players in the game. [info]chidatelines is the open community for players and potential players to look for lines. ♥

♥ Don't take on more characters than you can handle and be active with. If we think that you are doing so, we'll ask that you are consistently active with your other characters before taking on more. ♥

♥ Once a month we will post an activity check which all characters must respond to in order to remain in the game, unless that character is new. To meet the check a character must have two of these things: a post in their journal or a community post in [info]chidate with at least eight comments/replies, a comment thread with someone else in another journal with at least ten comments/replies, or a completed RP thread or posted log in [info]chidate. We've seen games like this one fall apart because of lack of activity and interaction between characters, and we don't want that to happen here, so your active participation is key! ♥